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Unheard Cries
$8.95   223pages    Fiction/True Story by Joyce Mitchell    
Paperback Book relating to the Cries that are sometimes present in families that go Unheard      READ REVIEWS AT GOODREADS
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This is a book of fictional short stories that grabs your imagination and attention in a very entertaining way
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Dink and Daisy is a wonderful children's story teaching them about life and it's up's and down's with a positive outcome.
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Toby the Trout, an adorable short story of life's adjustments taught by two river trout, Toby and Gus, that are as different as night and day, but were the best of friends. The story has humor, suspense, and a tremendous ending that will inspire all ages

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Booger Bottoms is a lighthearted storyline of children being disobedient to parents as portrayed by a family of tree squirrels, (Bushy, Willie, Wahoo, and their mother). An adorable story of humor, drama, fear, and excitement for all ages. Its message is to teach children at an early age to obey their parents

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Smell of Resin 

It was cold, so very cold, in this Kenworth logging truck and pitch black. I was crouched down, my muscles tensed, in the dark on the floorboards of this old piece of junk, my back pressed against the dashboard....
Surrounding me in my makeshift Ďprisoní were shadowy figures; miserable looking, spectral-like creatures from God only knows where. I begged the moon to stay hidden behind the clouds because I didnít want to see these things Ė I could not make myself look outside.
I heard them scratching at the filthy, muck-covered window on the passenger side and howling. I imagined them salivating for my blood. How could these creatures change from empty air to substance in the blink of an eye? I donít understand it. These beings were former customers of my great-grandfatherís old grocery store. How do I know this? I was told in my dreams! Why are they stuck here in this place, and why canít they move on?

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Maggie Maypop is an adorable story of a little girl who was given a rag doll for her birthday but could not convince her mother that the rag doll (Bobbie Ann) could talk and had a problem with sleepwalking.

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